For many people, it was the utterly unique rock caricatures that Harry contributed to Martin Strong's definitive Great Rock Discography Series that were his life's outstanding work.


Harry and Martin Strong worked closely together and the caricatures of iconic music industry superstars were in such demand that many were sold even before the ink on the illustrations was dry. Of his approach to working, Harry once said: ‘If I’m doing caricatures as opposed to cartoons I prefer to draw the face from memory. That means looking at photographs of the subject, putting them away, and then instantly setting about drawing. If it’s a musician, say Kurt Cobain, I would play Nirvana while doing the picture”.

Fortunately, many of the near-lost and exclusive originals from the Great Rock Discography, including other celebrity caricatures such as the Beckhams, have been preserved and can now see the light of day – some for the first time ever.

The Great Metal Discography

Canongate Books Ltd 1995 Edited by Martin Strong Illustrations by Harry Horse

Covers everything you need to know on over 1000 carefully selected groups/artists - individual discographies, track listings, B-sides and reissues/compilations, record labels, catalogue numbers, peak chart positions, musicians/personnel, artists' biographies and more.

The Great Rock Discography

Canongate Books Ltd 1994 Edited by Martin Strong Illustrations by Harry Horse

Martin Strong's best-selling monster reference book is now in its fifth edition. Encyclopaedic in scope, the book contains incomparable details on all the great figures in the development of the rock genre.

The Wee Rock Discography

Canongate Books Ltd 1996 Edited by Martin Strong Illustrations by Harry Horse

Based on Martin Strong's "The Great Rock Discography", this is a compact version featuring 500 of the most influential figures in the history of popular music. It expands on the format of the previous title, in which full track listings for all albums, B-sides for all singles, labels, UK and US chart positions, band members, recommended listening, style analysis, band histories - from original line-ups to dissolution, solo projects, potted biographies, a pricing guide for rare albums and release dates are given.

The Great Psychedelic Discography

Canongate Books Ltd Edited by Martin Strong Illustrations by Harry Horse

This discography contains comprehensive details on all the great figures in the development of the progressive and psychedelia music genres. It covers over 750 artists and bands over five decades. It has complete discographies for all formats, listings and dates of all EP, single and album releases, and their respective highest chart positions in both the UK and the US. Detailed biographies of all the artists are included, as well as band histories, from original line-ups to dissolution and solo projects. The author also analyses each artist's style and influences, recommends albums, and gives a piece of obscure trivia for each entry. The book includes over 40 caricatures by Harry Horse, featuring artists such as: David Bowie, The Doors, The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, Small Faces and Tangerine Dream.