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  • Friend For Little Bear
    Friend For Little Bear
    Harry based this delightful story on his nephew Lewis. Sitting with Mandy on a hot Summer's Day 3 year old Lewis was playing in his paddling pool and making demands. A beautifully illustrated, simple story about friendship and sharing.
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  • Roo Adventure Books
    Roo Adventure Books
    In 1990, Harry and his wife Mandy adopted a small brown mongrel called Roo from the Portobello Cat and Dog Rescue Home in Edinburgh.
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  • Little Rabbit
    Little Rabbit
    Little Rabbit is at it again! In this enduring and heart-warming series, Harry Horse brings one of his most enchanting characters to life.
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  • The Ogopogo
    The Ogopogo
    The Ogopogo was written and illustrated by Harry Horse when he was 21 and published by MacDonalds 18 months later.
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